About Us

Market makers : creating innovative solutions 

Factor Risk Management was established by a group of litigation finance and after-the-event insurance industry experts to solve the inefficiencies and widening information asymmetry consequent to the rapid expansion and evolution of the litigation risk market. It then expanded into M&A and transactional risks, given the synergies of client-base, approach ethos and liabilities that need to be addressed.



Unlike traditional brokers, FRM is built ground-up as a holistic legal and transactional risk solution platform. Litigation finance,  legal expenses and transactional risk insurance,  as well as dispute consultancy, are equal core-offerings of our business and form an inextricable part of our DNA. Our experience and expertise, crafted over a combined 90 years of legal, funding, M&A advisory and insurance experience, allow us to provide you and your clients with an unparalleled level of advice, professional levels of service, access to a wide variety of markets and efficient execution.


The founders of FRM have advised and executed transactions with values exceeding $5bn.


A team comprising litigation, M&A advisory, insurance, and finance expertise at an executive level, we know what works and what does not. Our value-add is that our input and advice provides you the best opportunity of successfully securing a suitable solution.


We have deep and long-standing working relationships with key individuals in all of the litigation finance and insurance markets in which we operate. Using our services provides you with leverage and access to capacity that may not exist elsewhere.

Conflict free

As a specialist broker and advisor, operating solely in the dispute and M&A risk niche, we are not affected by the client conflicts that may affect some of our competitors.


We understand the importance of being responsive. We commit to being available whenever you need us, to keep you regularly updated and ensure your proposal is dealt with in a market-leading timeframe.

Approachable and professional

We operate a discreet, high-quality service with attention to every little detail that may impact your claim. We are always willing to discuss matters on a no-obligation basis.


We are market-makers and innovators. Where a standard product or offering does not exist, we have the contacts and know-how to create a bespoke solution.

Performance driven

Our remuneration is dependent on our successfully finding a solution for you. This means that our interests are entirely aligned with that of our clients and thus ensures that we are persistent in our efforts.


As a privately-owned company with no affiliation or connection with any market or capacity provider, we are free to provide totally impartial advice and introductions.


Seasoned negotiators

As your trusted advisors and brokers, we will always act in your best interests to ensure you obtain the best possible deal.


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