Dispute Consultancy services

Mitigating Risk - Maximising Reward

Factor Risk Management’s founding team have a unique blend of litigation, insurance and funding expertise built over many years in their respective careers as lawyer, funder and insurance brokers. This experience of not only sourcing and managing litigation risk products but of conducting litigation itself, means that FRM is able to offer a breadth of service far exceeding that of a traditional broker.

In addition to the above, are the networks that we have built through working over many years with some of the world’s leading lawyers, counsel, experts, funders and insurers on many of the most significant litigation and arbitration matter.

We are able to provide consultancy services in various scenarios to varied stakeholders including:

  • Corporate and Individual Claimants seeking to pursue a claim and require assistance in instructing the best-suited legal team and negotiating costs budgets/fee-arrangements.
  • Corporate entities seeking to monetise or remove from the balance-sheet any litigation risk.
  • Investors or capacity providers seeking to invest or make an entry into the litigation finance or ATE insurance market.
  • Law firms seeking to create a captive litigation fund.
  • Claims Management Companies or other volume providers seeking to raise start-up or growth capital.

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