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Mitigating Risk – Maximising Reward

Factor Risk Management assist individuals gain access to justice. Litigation and Arbitration can be prohibitively expensive, and this is a fact sadly used by many well-resourced entities to stifle genuine claims. FRM helps redress that balance, through the efficient and effective use of dispute risk management products, specifically litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) insurance.

The effective use of ATE insurance and litigation funding can help protect your downside risk and provide you with the necessary cashflow to pursue your claim to achieve your intended outcome.

FRM are able to advise individuals on their litigation insurance requirements and introduce you to the appropriate litigation funders for your claim. With over 30 years of combined management expertise in the legal, funding and ATE space, we are market-leaders in our industry. Leveraging our networks and expertise, provides you with the informational advantage that individuals alone or through their lawyers, simply would not have. We aim to provide bespoke solutions that will meet your needs, whilst taking away the stress and uncertainty of your litigation.

After the Event Insurance

We work with a wide range of insurers who are committed to provide first-rate coverage and have an in-depth understanding of the risks and challenges you face.  Coverage can be tailored to include adverse costs protection (i.e. your opponent’s fees in the event that you lose), own side’s disbursements and Counsel fees.  In some instances, where you are able to finance your own fees and wish to insure these fees, insurers may also be willing to cover up to 90% of this amount.


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Third Party Funding

Litigation funding or litigation finance, is typically categorised as the use of third-party capital, ordinarily provided on a non-recourse and un-secured basis, for the specific purpose of paying some or all of the legal costs to pursue a claim. In return for providing financing, the litigation funder would be entitled to a proportion of the claimant’s damages in the event of successful settlement or award at trial. Should the claim be unsuccessful, the funder would lose their investment.

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Benefits to Individuals using FRM:

Independent, impartial & expert advice
We are not tied with any funder or insurer and have access to a wide selection of markets. As experts in our field, we ensure that you and your clients receive professional and comprehensive advice.

Holistic solutions
As a broker and advisor, we are unique in our expertise of both funding and insurance. We take a lateral-thinking approach to all cases that we consider and we use our resources to create innovative solutions.

Hassle Free Service with no upfront fees
We provide our service with no upfront fees to our clients and streamline the process of obtaining both Insurance and Funding.

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