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Evangeline Preston

Broker, Insolvency & Commercial Litigation - ATE


Working with law firms, corporates and funders across the globe Evangeline arranges litigation funding, after-the-event (‘ATE’) legal expenses insurance and capital protection insurance. Evangeline has experience working on a wide range of commercial litigation matters,  specialising in insolvency and asset recovery.

Evangeline’s broad experience and expertise encompasses technical work preparing proposals for providers, negotiating terms on behalf of our clients and business development.

Evangeline regularly presents to law firms on the benefits of using litigation funding and insurance. Her excellent communication skills allow her to effectively explain often complex products. She helps clients understand what is available to them and how to best mitigate and manage litigation risk through the family of litigation, contingency and funding products that Factor Risk Managements offers.

Evangeline holds an LLB Law (Hons) from Queen Mary University of London and is undertaking industry qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Insurance as part of her career development

In her spare time, Evangeline enjoys travelling and surfing, she previously worked as a surf instructor and qualified as a beach lifeguard.  Her stated aim is to wrestle the company 5km park run record from its current holder –  expectations are that this will be swiftly achieved.